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WTEC’s optical fiber is manufactured using the atmospheric Vapor Axial Deposition (VAD) process to ensure they are lightweight and deliver a high tensile strength as well as low attenuation rates. The atmospheric VAD process enables fabrication of the highest quality fiber core preforms from which multiple core rods can be drawn and in turn optical fibers are drawn from these core rods. All WTEC optical fiber have maximum attenuation <0.35 dB/Km at 1310nm, <0.34 dB/km at 1383 NM or less than attenuation at 1310, <0.22 dB/Km at 1490nm, <0.22 dB/Km at 1550nm and <0.24 dB/Km at 1625nm. WTEC’s complete range of fiber optic cables accommodates all installation environments and cable applications, with optical fibers available to meet ITU-T G.652.D, ITU-T G.657.A1, ITU-T G.657.A2, ITU-T G.657.B3 and ITU-T G. 655. C&D standards. Transportation is a key element in the Fiber Optic Market, due to the volume and size of maneuvering within Fiber Hubs and cities. WTEC has in place specific locations that enable a complete and expedited solution for the Fiber to the Home Market. WTEC Warehouse facilities are strategically located to strengthen our over the road trucking advantage with common lanes throughout the United States, allowing for simple and on time delivery process of customer commodities. We are able to provide tailored customer sizes and lengths for packaging that is garnered to the Fiber to the The Home Market. WTEC offers us a logistical advantage on-site for our customers with our Reusable and Returnable Reel Program, providing a sustainable solution for the cumbersome task of discarding of the reels. We will schedule and work with our clients on the loading and transportation of the reels.
During the late 1990s boom in fiber-optic development, WTEC was a leading supplier of high grade VAD Fiber Optic Cables. Our integrated model approach allowed us to supply vast market growth in the infrastructure of the telecommunications industry. Since then our products have evolved to provide zero-water peak and low-attenuation rate solutions in both loose-tube and ribbon fiber to a steadily rising market. Our experience and success in the energy sector underpins our commitment to our integrated model approach for WTEC’s fiber communication solutions. Our unrelenting focus on quality standards, guaranteed lead times, customer service, and innovative technologies have made us a leader in the industries we serve. The current fiber expansion of FTTH (Fiber to the Home) has put tremendous pressures on the industry leading to strapped production. WTEC however, through its worldwide supply chain has maintained its ability to provide on time delivery of fiber optic cable. Through these advantages we are committed to innovation, enhancing and supporting customer relationships, and meeting your project deadlines.




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